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Mike Posner – Fun Up Here ft. Logic


Mike Posner – Fun Up Here Ft. Logic
Throughout the year, Mike Posner has been exploring the whole of the United States with his music and trying to do things that not all artist have done before.

His journey has been quite generous and successful not until last some weeks back when he was bitten by a rattlesnake in the desert. However that isn't stopping him from keeping on.

Today he has released a new song called “Fun Up Here” featuring rapper Logic and the song is simply a slowdown tempo track.

They are a lot more about this song that we would really love to talk about, however because we know how urgent a listen is important at this point, however we’ll let you take a listen and do the talking yourself.

You can download “Fun Up Here” below and check out the website’s homepage for other similar tracks, however don’t forget to share your thoughts because it’s very important to us.


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